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04 Nov 2016

Why Did We Become Entrepreneurs?


Let me start off with a story…

We live, work, and play in Jamison. It is our honor to start and run a business in our town. Before we had even the faintest idea of running a company and becoming entrepreneurs, we hired a popular landscaper to mow, and remove leaves from our property in Jamison. Little did I know, they were going to charge $300, YES $300.00! to do so. Not only did they do a poor job, it was severely over priced. That is when we got the idea…

Why don’t we start our own company to learn about entrepreneurship, and also provide excellent value to our clients? And so, Jamison Lawn Care was born, while sitting on the couch of our Jamison home, with the nice hot fireplace going in the winter of 2015.

Since then, our dedication and love for our company as grown it to levels we have no expected at all. We started off with hand-me down equipment from our father, and grew that to a new mower, trimmers, shrub trimmers, trailer, leaf blowers, and truck! Our customers are our success, and we truly appreciate their support!

Feel free to email, call, or text at anytime. We always want our customers to know us before we start on projects! Not only does this make the project go smoother, it also builds a lifelong relationship!

We have built many ongoing client relationships with our awesome leaf removal procedure. Have you checked out our article on why mulching leaves back into your lawn is both environmentally and economically friendly?

Leaf season is here; do you mulch or bag?

03 Nov 2016

Who Enjoys the Noise of Crunching Leaves?



If you are disposing of your fall leaves, you are disposing of gold. Mulching your leaves is beneficial to your lawn. The leaves break down into organic material. Shredded leaves act as a fertilizer for your lawn. First, we blow the leaves out of garden beds and walkways. Then our special mulching blades shred leaves into the perfect size to ensure that your lawn won’t be smothered.

Save your back and wallet this fall and request a quote for your fall leaves to be mulched. Yes, that means put your handy dandy rake back in the shed. Trust us, your back will thank you! Although mulching fall leaves is not going to create a flawless lawn alone, it is minimal risk to your turf and it is economical. Why wouldn’t you want to recycle a natural material?


Have an extra minute? Check out why we started our business at “Why We Became Entrepreneurs”!