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29 Aug 2017

Why Jamison Lawn Care Wears Purple

We wear purple to build our brand

and its not because we want to look like an eggplant!

We want to stand out!

At Jamison Lawn Care, we put plenty of work into revamping out brand and trying to figure out how to stand apart from other companies. We started to think small how Bucks County, PA homeowners can start to recognize us. The great idea crossed by us to have a distinct t-shirt color and logo. After doing research of the not only the psychology behind colors we chose purple, and here’s why:


  1. When do you ever see a landscaper wearing a purple uniform?
    1. Never! That’s exactly why we chose it. People can recognize our company from driving by 35 miles per hour past us. It just takes a glance of an eye to see that we are wearing purple.
      1. It begins to make a connection with people once they see our purple brand multiple times. They will just know its us.
  2. The color is associated with royalty and luxury
    1. At Jamison Lawn Care, that is exactly what we want our customers to feel like they’re being treated like!
      1. We are here to serve you because we are a service oriented business. You should absolutely be treated with the best customer service experience.
  3. The color is also associated with creativity
    1. There is so much creativity to be had with a landscaping company.
      1. We want to encourage creative thoughts because it will help us create a beautiful landscape for you.
        1. Not only will it help us achieve a pretty landscape, creativity will help give us a clear idea if you have some new thoughts for your property.
  4. It’s unique!
    1. Admit it, the purple is a one of a kind brand color you can instantly recognize.
      1. It creates a friendly atmosphere because it is not a harsh color.
        1. Neighbors feel confident walking up to our crew members because the purple color instantly makes them feel welcome!
  5. It doesn’t just stop with the t-shirts and logo.
    1. We have a top secret plan how to begin taking over with our purple brand!


Written by:

Melanie Hartsell




21 Aug 2017

Your Budget Should Always Be Discussed

We are here to assist you in getting the most out of your budget.

“What does your budget look like”?

Believe it or not, this question should be discussed. Even if it feels awkward to discuss a budget, it needs to be done.

Why should my budget be discussed?

  • Because landscaping projects vary in size tremendously.
    • In order for us to provide the best valued quote, we need honest information for you about how much you would like to spend.
      • If you don’t know what the project usually prices out at we can give you a range.
      • Each of our clients are vastly different, some enjoy putting money into their landscape oasis – where as others just want a low maintenance, easy breezy property with “no-frills”
  • Because It begins with communication.
    • Since we are not mind readers, we don’t know what your landscape goals are unless you tell us!
      • It is critical that from the time you meet with us at your property you begin to tell us what your needs are!
        • For example, here are some questions to think about: How many plants would you like installed, how much would you like to spend on plant installation, do you need hardscaping, if so, what do you want to keep the price around? Do you only want the front of the house landscaped instead of front and back, do you want low maintenance plants, do you want a full 3 inches of mulch or just a topdressing? Do you want a instant curb appeal or want to take on the project into bite size pieces overtime?
  • Because we want to make this as hassle-free as possible.
    • Imagine if you went into a process and had a $5,000 budget but a $15,000 expectation.
      • It would create unnecessary aggravation and plenty of confusion.
        • We don’t want you to get your hopes up and then be disappointed if the final completion is not what you expected. If you let us know your upfront budget, we can tell you if it’s realistic of not right away.
  • Because we are here to help you.
    • We talk openly about your budget early on to get a feel for what is a priority in your yard and what is not.
      • Of course we can make your landscape into a magical garden wonderland, but we understand not everybody wants that or needs that.
        • At Jamison Lawn Care we want everyone in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to get the best bang for their buck!
          • We are here to achieve that!


05 Aug 2017

Landscaping in August in Jamison PA

What can I do to my landscape in August? Great question!

You can stay busy landscaping in August that is for sure. Especially in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Here is what you can do to your landscape in August

Landscape in August


  • Prepare for fall clean-up in your landscape
    • Get a plan in place.
      • Whether it is gathering the family together for a fall clean-up event or hiring a landscaper. The leaves will be falling before we know it.
  • Install last minute plants
    • If the weather isn’t too blazing hot you can plant the trees, shrubs or perennials that you wanted.
    • Be sure to check the soil frequently so that the newly planted item doesn’t dry out!
      • Also it is a good idea to check the soil’s pH before
        • Get the soil tested to be sure that the newly installed plants will have the right soil to thrive in.
  • Touch up old mulch.
    • The mulch that you installed in early spring may be starting to fade
      • Simply add a layer of fresh mulch on top
        • This will make your landscape look in tip top shape and also prevent weeds.
  • Deadhead and cut back old foliage
    • If your plants bloomed in the spring it is probably time to cut back the dying foliage
      • This will make the property look crisp and clean and encourage healthy plant growth for the following year!
  • Hand weed
    • If the soil is moist that is the best time to weed. The weeds will pull out much easier if wet than dry.
  • Dump any standing water
    • If you have old wheel barrows sitting around check them out
      • Make sure to remove all the water so that mosquitoes don’t start to breed.
  • Check out plants for health
    • See if the plant has any insect or disease damage
  • Got a compost pile?
    • Turn it!
  • Plant fall blooming flowers
    • Chrysanthemums are beautiful!
      • At our home in Jamison, PA we love the look of orange mums and a pumpkin by our front door

What is your favorite thing to do in your landscape during August? Let us know in the comments below!

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