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17 Jul 2018

The Inside Scoop on Mowing

Tom Eckhardt

Tom Eckhardt

CEO, Jamison Lawn Care

Lawn mowing is many landscape company’s main service. There is a healthy demand for this service and we have to provide it to compete. 

However, there is a dark side to mowing. From tax evasion to scams, let’s break down each section of the lawn mowing industry.

Let me start off by saying that companies are here to make a profit. Meaning, after all expenses and salaries, there is some money left over to either reinvest or pay the business owners. There is also two types of companies, legal and illegal. (Illegal meaning taking cash payments to avoid taxes). There are also companies that don’t even have insurance. 

These illegal companies have WAY less expenses than legitimate companies. For example, for our small company of 5, we pay roughly $1,000-$2,000 a week just in payroll taxes. Add that on top of worker’s compensation and liability insurance, we are on the hook for $5,000-$10,000 a month. Those expenses have to be figured into our pricing. So we take all of our expenses, add them to labor cost, and add our profit margins into the price. Our average price is around $35 for an average sized lot. At a 10%-20% profit margin (standard for this industry), we make $3-$6 per lawn with roughly $60,000 worth of equipment on site. 

Since these illegal companies don’t have to pay $5,000-$10,000 a month, plus evading taxes, they make out richly. Their expenses are way low, so they can undercut other company’s pricing. They get these jobs and take cash. So at this point, they are committing tax fraud for Federal, State, and Local taxes. On top of that, they are not charging sales tax (which should be charged), so they can charge another 6% less on that as well. 

Not only are they committing fraud, these illegal operations are conditioning customers to expect prices that are 50% less. Legitimate companies cannot compete with their pricing.

This is one of the most frustrating things for me. From day one, our company was legitimate. We wanted to be ethical and fair. But the success of these illegal operations make legitimate business owners second guess their decision to be ethical and fair. 

The only thing that we can do is separate ourselves from those illegal operations by providing a better service and experience for our customers. I think that my company very well does that, and I will continue to educate others about what is going on in our industry. 



07 Mar 2017

Jamison Landscaper Supports Youth Baseball


Jamison Lawn Care Supports Warwick Youth Baseball

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America’s favorite past-time: hot dogs, cold drinks, warm weather, and cheering from the crowds.


It brings back great memories for me! The bonding with family, wearing your favorite team’s cap, and wearing your baseball glove all game just in case there is a foul ball hit towards you. I’m a little too old to play now, but I am happy to announce we donated to support Warwick baseball. Am I living vicariously by doing this? Probably! You’ll see me on the diamond supporting the team that happens to receive our donation.


I played baseball all throughout my youth, but unfortunately stopped too early! It was also through baseball that I realized that my vision was going and I needed glasses haha! Standing in the outfield, readying myself to perform the perfect catch when the ball was hit to me. That was hard, when home plate looked like I was looking through one of those privacy glass blocks. But boy, oh boy, when I got those fancy new spectacles, I could see blades of grass! I could see home plate! I could actually the little white ball flying towards me!


Some of most fond memories come from playing this awesome sport. It is an honor that I can give back to the community so that the youth of today can create those same fond stories that I hold dearly today.


So what about you? What great memories do you have from baseball or softball! Let us know so we can live a little vicariously through your stories too!


Tom, Owner


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28 Jan 2017

What is the biggest mistake we have made?

Mistakes are a part of life. How you fix those mistakes is what makes the difference.

Well, to start, uh, we have many plenty of mistakes. Ok, ok we admit it. But the biggest mistake?


Customer wise, we had two ( not-so-big) whammies.


First, we suggested to a customer that we install one yard of mulch in their yard. We had just weeded their biggest garden bed, and to prevent further weeds from growing, mulching was necessary. However, we didn’t think about how the customer would interpret “one yard of mulch”. After this job, the customer turned hostile towards us and would avoid all communication. What did we learn? Well, one to communicate much more effiently. We should’ve said one CUBIC yard of mulch. We figured that the customer thought they were having every single garden bed on their property mulched, hence a “Yard”. So we learned to speak effectively and precisely about the work that will be completed. We changed policies and now every customer gets a “scope of work” worksheet that points out everything to be done. 

Image result for one yard of mulch


Lesson two! We hit a yard flag post. It broke. The person using our mower did not tell us this had happened. Our customer then emailed us, understandably upset, and informed us about what had happened. Within a couple of hours, Melanie and I had showed up with a brand new yard flag and installed it. Our policies have since changed, and training took place to make sure customers are notified as soon as possible about any damage.

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Things happen. Stuff breaks and grass gets rutted or ripped up. Unfortunately, that is a part of our business. We take every single effort to prevent these from happening. But the most important thing is that we stand by our work when it does happen and it gets fixed. No matter what, any damage that we do gets fixed. I stand by it. Melanie stands by it. Our whole company stands by it.


Thanks for reading

16 Jan 2017

January 2017 Update for Jamison Lawn Care

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January 2017 Update for Jamison Lawn Care

Hi there! It’s been a busy couple months for us.


We celebrated an awesome Thanksgiving and Christmas, filled with lots of joy and happiness. There is nothing better than being with your loved ones!


Now we are in the month of January, and things are heating up real quick (besides the temperature hehe).

-Tom has been working furiously to increase the reliability of our new truck.

-Melanie has been spending hours upon hours completing the book-keeping for the year.

-Our marketing campaign is being worked on. Melanie and I have narrowed our service areas and really plan on marketing to select areas in Warminster, Jamison, and Warrington. We feel this is the best way to keep costs low, which in turn keeps prices lower.

– Both of us have been typing away trying to better our customer service and business operations.

-As always, our minds have been at work creating new ideas!


Educate, Educate, Educate!

Each day, Melanie and I grow both as individuals and business-people. Every morning is an opportunity to invest in learning and we fully take advantage of that. This has certainly been a wonderful journey for us that I cannot wait to keep trekking on for many years to come. Who would’ve knew that jumping in head first would bring us so far! (Scariest thing in our lives, by the way). What things have you done that seemed scary at first, but turned out to be a great experience??


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04 Nov 2016

Why Did We Become Entrepreneurs?


Let me start off with a story…

We live, work, and play in Jamison. It is our honor to start and run a business in our town. Before we had even the faintest idea of running a company and becoming entrepreneurs, we hired a popular landscaper to mow, and remove leaves from our property in Jamison. Little did I know, they were going to charge $300, YES $300.00! to do so. Not only did they do a poor job, it was severely over priced. That is when we got the idea…

Why don’t we start our own company to learn about entrepreneurship, and also provide excellent value to our clients? And so, Jamison Lawn Care was born, while sitting on the couch of our Jamison home, with the nice hot fireplace going in the winter of 2015.

Since then, our dedication and love for our company as grown it to levels we have no expected at all. We started off with hand-me down equipment from our father, and grew that to a new mower, trimmers, shrub trimmers, trailer, leaf blowers, and truck! Our customers are our success, and we truly appreciate their support!

Feel free to email, call, or text at anytime. We always want our customers to know us before we start on projects! Not only does this make the project go smoother, it also builds a lifelong relationship!

We have built many ongoing client relationships with our awesome leaf removal procedure. Have you checked out our article on why mulching leaves back into your lawn is both environmentally and economically friendly?

Leaf season is here; do you mulch or bag?