The John Deere Z-920M commercial mower is a must have for any landscaper. We are running the 48” deck with the MOD (mulch on demand option). I was not a big fan of the MOD early in the season because the dew would still be on the grass which means a clumpy mess and a clogged mower deck. However, later in the season it came a very useful tool because you can shut the shute gunning around garden beds or driveways or anywhere else you don’t want to blow grass. That comes in handy because you spend less times having to blow out garden beds and pools. You can use it to also cut time down on blowing off driveways, sidewalks, cars, pool decks and whatever else you can think of. Not only does it come in handy for aiming the discharging grasses and objects, but it has come in handy for mulching up the leaves when we do leave clean ups. We did find that removing the baffles helps in the wet season and switching the blades over to finishing blades instead of the mulching blades. The reason we did that was to allow for more airflow under the deck, so it doesn’t clump up as easy because clients don’t like having clumps in their yard and that’s very understandable considering that we do not like leaving clumps in their yards. I think the only negative review is the clumping but it’s an easy fix and it all depends on where you operate. Now to talk about some more positives like the comfort and the line making. I can sit on the seat for 6 hours a day 3-4 days a week and not ache with pain. I find the ride very smooth and there is enough cushion for my toushion. Lastly the lines; The lines show up really well and they come out straight. I have experienced no matter the color of the yards the lines will still show up pretty well, obviously the greener the yard the better the lines look but lines still had a nice detail to your yard.


By: Josh