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13 Feb 2018

Why Mulch Is Important to Your Landscape

Spring is coming, and your mulch needs a touch up!

Who loves the smell of mulch?

If you love the smell of mulch you must be a spring person! The fresh aroma of mulch can be disgusting but quite nice at the same time. The smell of mulch is the symbol that spring is finally here after a long winter hibernation. Landscape companies and your neighbors are going to start buzzing around Home Depot, Lowe’s or a local garden center to spruce up landscape mulch. Mulch is not just used for a aesthetic look, although a new dark mulch blanket looks stunning against vibrant plant colors. Mulch has plenty of benefit to your landscape.

A long time favorite that mulch has to your landscape is that it keeps those pesky weeds out of the garden bed.  The mulch chokes them out with a thick layer and also kills the weeds because there is no light source for the weeds to keep surviving. Another great benefit of mulch is that it retains the moisture to your landscape bed. That means you don’t have to add as much water to your plants in comparison to only having plain dirt or a rock/gravel bed. Less work – score! Curious for more reasons why mulch is a great addition to your property? The soil temperature!

Mulch controls your soils temperature by acting as a insulator. Not only does it work great in the winter, it also works great in the hot summer heat. Mulch does a great job of keeping the soil temperatures lower for a long period of time in the summer months. In the winter it controls the temperate in the cold by retaining the heat. Mulch is also excellent at preventing soil erosion.

When the rain starts to pour, if it hits the soil directly it may wash away a significant amount. That is no good. Soil is heavy and expensive to add more. Mulch will prevent any soil from washing away by acting as a barrier from the rain water. Although mulch has incredible benefits to your landscape, there are different types of material to use as a mulch. What is your favorite type of mulch? Let us know in the comments below!


Garden Mulch



14 Dec 2017

Honest Home Depot Product Reviews

We got a rake (26 in. Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake Combo) at the Bucks County, Warrington, PA Home Depot. The rake is amazing light and durable. The rake is great at getting grass clippings into piles, leaves into piles, and making the mulch nice an smooth and even for when you are finishing up putting down a new coat of mulch. Lastly, it comes with a small rake which makes it easy to get the leaves that are under bushes or in tight areas. 

Ames 26 in. Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake Combo

We have a 6 cubic foot bright yellow true temper wheelbarrow. In all honestly it’s no good. The bolts always come loose and we have to re tighten them. The heaviest thing we use it for is mulch and the stands for it are bent. Also the littlest thorn popped the tire. The whole wheel barrow thing is a hoax. The wheelbarrow costed $70 and the tire to replace it costed 30. That’s just outrageous.

True Temper 6 cu. ft. Poly Wheelbarrow with Total Control Handles

First of all, don’t waste your time on these hand pruners. They stick together and don’t easily reopen. You have to put some force into these hand pruners. and while I love the idea of a soft grip, they are actually quite painful to use after a long period of time. They are more flimsy than my other pruners and I will be honest, I have gotten small blisters from using them excessively. And who wants that after paying $25, not me! Also beware that they may pinch you when you’re near the middle pivot area.The mechanism just doesn’t make sense!


Fiskars PowerGear2 Softgrip Bypass Pruner

On to the next…We purchased a 54 in fiberglass handle forged garden hoe this year. We surely have put this hoe to the test. If this lovely hoe is breaking on you, maybe you should reconsider what you are using it for. Are you only using it for weeds? Or are you trying to dig a hole? Because it isn’t made for hole digging! It is made for scraping those pesky weeds that you just can’t pull up with your hands. The hoe is pretty lightweight while makes it easier to carry around a large yard. Also the tool has a nice grip on the end for easy handling. Overall, I would say this hoe has great value for the price. Pick one up from your home depot in Bucks County, PA!


Ames 54 in. Fiberglass Handle Forged Garden Hoe

14 Dec 2017

The John Deere Z920M is a must have for any landscaper

The John Deere Z-920M commercial mower is a must have for any landscaper. We are running the 48” deck with the MOD (mulch on demand option). I was not a big fan of the MOD early in the season because the dew would still be on the grass which means a clumpy mess and a clogged mower deck. However, later in the season it came a very useful tool because you can shut the shute gunning around garden beds or driveways or anywhere else you don’t want to blow grass. That comes in handy because you spend less times having to blow out garden beds and pools. You can use it to also cut time down on blowing off driveways, sidewalks, cars, pool decks and whatever else you can think of. Not only does it come in handy for aiming the discharging grasses and objects, but it has come in handy for mulching up the leaves when we do leave clean ups. We did find that removing the baffles helps in the wet season and switching the blades over to finishing blades instead of the mulching blades. The reason we did that was to allow for more airflow under the deck, so it doesn’t clump up as easy because clients don’t like having clumps in their yard and that’s very understandable considering that we do not like leaving clumps in their yards. I think the only negative review is the clumping but it’s an easy fix and it all depends on where you operate. Now to talk about some more positives like the comfort and the line making. I can sit on the seat for 6 hours a day 3-4 days a week and not ache with pain. I find the ride very smooth and there is enough cushion for my toushion. Lastly the lines; The lines show up really well and they come out straight. I have experienced no matter the color of the yards the lines will still show up pretty well, obviously the greener the yard the better the lines look but lines still had a nice detail to your yard.


By: Josh

02 Oct 2017

Plant of the Day! Care Tips About This Fall Favorite

Have you been strolling through your local Bucks County, PA garden center this fall? If so, you probably spotted garden mums. Specifically, the plant, chrysanthemum!

Mums are a wonderful plant of the day selection because they are perfect for fall. The plant has bold autumn colors including red, yellow, orange, pink and more.

Read more below for care information!

Sun: For the most beautiful blooms the plant needs direct sunlight. If that is not possible, the National Chrysanthemum Society states that three hours of full sunlight daily will be sufficient enough. Be careful not to give them too much shade. This will cause less blooms and limping stems.

Soil: Make sure the soil does not become too dry. Mums cannot handle extreme drought conditions. The best way to see if your mums need water, is to reach and feel the dampness of the soil. If it feels dry, it needs water. If it feels damp, you can probably skip. Be sure to water the roots directly and not on the blooms. The soil should be well drained and not too clay-like. If your soil has too much clay you may have to amend the soil.

Watering: Generally one inch of water per week should do the trick. Depending on the weather. With more hot weather, water more. WIth more rain, water less. Once the ground becomes cool, you can stop watering.

Mulch: 2-3 inches of mulch should be added around the plant. The mulch will act as a insulator and retain moisture.

Overwintering: The mums need to be established to overwinter properly. If you install the plant in the spring, by the time to cold weather hits, the roots should be hardy enough to survive harsh weather. You will need to cut back the plant so that it is slightly off the ground.This will make sure that your plant grows healthy next year.


Got a favorite colored mum? Let us know in the comments below! 

Image result for mums free photos
Fall Garden Mums


Written by: Melanie

09 Sep 2017

The Facts, Pro’s and Con’s of Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass can make your lawn look full and beautiful. But if not properly maintained along with cool weather conditions problems can arise.  

Zoysia grass is a thicker grass that thrives in hotter temperatures but is commonly seen in lawns all across America. One of the benefits to having Zoysia on your lawn is the strong and thick root system that gives your lawn a fuller appearance. The unique green color it can reflect if properly maintained is also another benefit. Some problems that you can run into is thatch. Thatch build up with these types of thick grasses can be annoying but with the right equipment an experienced lawn care service can keep it green. The thatch (dead grass, roots and leaves) on

Zoysia builds up between the blades and makes the grass look tan. The biggest problem with this is the methods to remove the thatch build up. The easiest way is the most dangerous and illegal in some states and townships. Homeowners will burn the grass. It sounds crazy but it’s very common in places where it is allowed. The thatch is burned away and the ash goes into the soil and promotes new growth. The roots are resilient enough to come back and give life to new beautiful looking grass. The best time to burn the grass is in early spring before the grass leaves dormancy.

Zoysia grass doesn’t require as much water as other grass types which is good if you live in a dryer area where rainfall is a hot commodity. Zoysia is commonly seen down south where the grass goes dormant rather than dying when harsh weather conditions occur. When this dormancy happens it will turn Brown or tan until it leaves dormancy. There are many different species of Zoysia and it can be found mainly across Asia as it is native to Asia and also Australia. I hope this brief article expanded your knowledge about Zoysia grass.

Written by:

Joe Wackes

Team Leader




02 Sep 2017

Is It Risky to Choose a Small Company?

Is It Risky to Choose a Small Company?

  • You will not be risking more by going with us than a bigger company instead

    • We are fully insured like all the big companies
    • If you are not pleased you just give us a call and we will come back and fix it. We offer a 100% guarantee
    • We also value our clients opinions.
    • We may be small but we are mighty
    • Not only are our employees fully trained
      • Since we are a smaller company our employees get more hand on experience this way since they have more opportunities
    • You do not have to worry about us not being able to make the date we agreed on
      • Our equipment is maintained weekly and if for some reason something breaks down we’ll find away to finish the project.

Our promise is to make time for every client’s need and treat all of our clients equal

  • We do not pick favorites!!
    • Our clients are more to us than just a paycheck.
    • We all share the same goal and that’s to make your dream landscape come true
    • We like to get to know our customers and what they would like us to change for next time.
    • If you ever have a problem with a job that we did then just give us a call or shot us an email and we’ll answer the same day.
    • A lot of big companies don’t really care about their clients unless they are a big paycheck for them
    • We treat our clients yards just like their our own.
      • By that I mean we make sure we clean up our trash and leave your property cleaner than how we found it.
    • We also write blogs to help our customers understand why we do some things the way we do them.
      • Not only that but to help them understand what’s best for their landscape and the best way to take care of it.

Josh Denner

Team Leader

29 Aug 2017

Why Jamison Lawn Care Wears Purple

We wear purple to build our brand

and its not because we want to look like an eggplant!

We want to stand out!

At Jamison Lawn Care, we put plenty of work into revamping out brand and trying to figure out how to stand apart from other companies. We started to think small how Bucks County, PA homeowners can start to recognize us. The great idea crossed by us to have a distinct t-shirt color and logo. After doing research of the not only the psychology behind colors we chose purple, and here’s why:


  1. When do you ever see a landscaper wearing a purple uniform?
    1. Never! That’s exactly why we chose it. People can recognize our company from driving by 35 miles per hour past us. It just takes a glance of an eye to see that we are wearing purple.
      1. It begins to make a connection with people once they see our purple brand multiple times. They will just know its us.
  2. The color is associated with royalty and luxury
    1. At Jamison Lawn Care, that is exactly what we want our customers to feel like they’re being treated like!
      1. We are here to serve you because we are a service oriented business. You should absolutely be treated with the best customer service experience.
  3. The color is also associated with creativity
    1. There is so much creativity to be had with a landscaping company.
      1. We want to encourage creative thoughts because it will help us create a beautiful landscape for you.
        1. Not only will it help us achieve a pretty landscape, creativity will help give us a clear idea if you have some new thoughts for your property.
  4. It’s unique!
    1. Admit it, the purple is a one of a kind brand color you can instantly recognize.
      1. It creates a friendly atmosphere because it is not a harsh color.
        1. Neighbors feel confident walking up to our crew members because the purple color instantly makes them feel welcome!
  5. It doesn’t just stop with the t-shirts and logo.
    1. We have a top secret plan how to begin taking over with our purple brand!


Written by:

Melanie Hartsell




21 Aug 2017

Your Budget Should Always Be Discussed

We are here to assist you in getting the most out of your budget.

“What does your budget look like”?

Believe it or not, this question should be discussed. Even if it feels awkward to discuss a budget, it needs to be done.

Why should my budget be discussed?

  • Because landscaping projects vary in size tremendously.
    • In order for us to provide the best valued quote, we need honest information for you about how much you would like to spend.
      • If you don’t know what the project usually prices out at we can give you a range.
      • Each of our clients are vastly different, some enjoy putting money into their landscape oasis – where as others just want a low maintenance, easy breezy property with “no-frills”
  • Because It begins with communication.
    • Since we are not mind readers, we don’t know what your landscape goals are unless you tell us!
      • It is critical that from the time you meet with us at your property you begin to tell us what your needs are!
        • For example, here are some questions to think about: How many plants would you like installed, how much would you like to spend on plant installation, do you need hardscaping, if so, what do you want to keep the price around? Do you only want the front of the house landscaped instead of front and back, do you want low maintenance plants, do you want a full 3 inches of mulch or just a topdressing? Do you want a instant curb appeal or want to take on the project into bite size pieces overtime?
  • Because we want to make this as hassle-free as possible.
    • Imagine if you went into a process and had a $5,000 budget but a $15,000 expectation.
      • It would create unnecessary aggravation and plenty of confusion.
        • We don’t want you to get your hopes up and then be disappointed if the final completion is not what you expected. If you let us know your upfront budget, we can tell you if it’s realistic of not right away.
  • Because we are here to help you.
    • We talk openly about your budget early on to get a feel for what is a priority in your yard and what is not.
      • Of course we can make your landscape into a magical garden wonderland, but we understand not everybody wants that or needs that.
        • At Jamison Lawn Care we want everyone in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to get the best bang for their buck!
          • We are here to achieve that!


05 Aug 2017

Landscaping in August in Jamison PA

What can I do to my landscape in August? Great question!

You can stay busy landscaping in August that is for sure. Especially in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Here is what you can do to your landscape in August

Landscape in August


  • Prepare for fall clean-up in your landscape
    • Get a plan in place.
      • Whether it is gathering the family together for a fall clean-up event or hiring a landscaper. The leaves will be falling before we know it.
  • Install last minute plants
    • If the weather isn’t too blazing hot you can plant the trees, shrubs or perennials that you wanted.
    • Be sure to check the soil frequently so that the newly planted item doesn’t dry out!
      • Also it is a good idea to check the soil’s pH before
        • Get the soil tested to be sure that the newly installed plants will have the right soil to thrive in.
  • Touch up old mulch.
    • The mulch that you installed in early spring may be starting to fade
      • Simply add a layer of fresh mulch on top
        • This will make your landscape look in tip top shape and also prevent weeds.
  • Deadhead and cut back old foliage
    • If your plants bloomed in the spring it is probably time to cut back the dying foliage
      • This will make the property look crisp and clean and encourage healthy plant growth for the following year!
  • Hand weed
    • If the soil is moist that is the best time to weed. The weeds will pull out much easier if wet than dry.
  • Dump any standing water
    • If you have old wheel barrows sitting around check them out
      • Make sure to remove all the water so that mosquitoes don’t start to breed.
  • Check out plants for health
    • See if the plant has any insect or disease damage
  • Got a compost pile?
    • Turn it!
  • Plant fall blooming flowers
    • Chrysanthemums are beautiful!
      • At our home in Jamison, PA we love the look of orange mums and a pumpkin by our front door

What is your favorite thing to do in your landscape during August? Let us know in the comments below!

Rent a Tractor

What Should I Look For In a Landscaper?


01 Jun 2017

What Should I Look For In a Landscaper?

Choosing The Best Landscaper


Picking a landscape contractor is no easy feat


You search endless pages of Google and Yelp to find the perfect fit. How do you narrow that down?


Choosing a landscape contractor is like choosing a realtor. There are so many to choose from, but you want to be certain that person will be the right fit. Here are some things to consider:


  1. Professionalism
    1. Does the contractor represent themselves in a professional manner? That includes their website, logo, equipment, and uniforms.
    2. I see so many landscape companies that don’t wear uniforms. Any other business will provide uniforms! This shows their pride in representing their brand.
    3. Do they contact you back in a timely manner and answer all your questions and concerns?
  2. Business Systems
    1. Creating systems is the hardest part of running a business.
    2. Does your prospect company have these systems in place? Such as scheduling, communications, and billing?
    3. How easy is it to pay for services? Do they only take cash? Or do they take credit card, check, or cash? What would be best for your situation? Do they bill by service, monthly, or weekly?
  3. Reviews
    1. Check all the review sites about your prospective contractor. Check the good and bad reviews. Most bad reviews are complaints that were not timely and accurately fixed. This gives you a good idea how the contractor will treat you!
  4. Completed Project Photos
    1. Does the contractor have photos of their completed work? Pay attention to small details, such as mulch overflowing onto sidewalks and missed cutting spots.


Those are just some of the things to consider when hiring your next landscape contractor. Are there other things that we missed? Comment below to help others out!


Tom Eckhardt



Jamison Lawn Care is located in Bucks County, PA. We serve Jamison, Warrington, Warminster, Ivyland, Southampton, and Furlong, Pa. These blogs are provided to better educate ourselves on landscape business.