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29 Aug 2017

Why Jamison Lawn Care Wears Purple

We wear purple to build our brand

and its not because we want to look like an eggplant!

We want to stand out!

At Jamison Lawn Care, we put plenty of work into revamping out brand and trying to figure out how to stand apart from other companies. We started to think small how Bucks County, PA homeowners can start to recognize us. The great idea crossed by us to have a distinct t-shirt color and logo. After doing research of the not only the psychology behind colors we chose purple, and here’s why:


  1. When do you ever see a landscaper wearing a purple uniform?
    1. Never! That’s exactly why we chose it. People can recognize our company from driving by 35 miles per hour past us. It just takes a glance of an eye to see that we are wearing purple.
      1. It begins to make a connection with people once they see our purple brand multiple times. They will just know its us.
  2. The color is associated with royalty and luxury
    1. At Jamison Lawn Care, that is exactly what we want our customers to feel like they’re being treated like!
      1. We are here to serve you because we are a service oriented business. You should absolutely be treated with the best customer service experience.
  3. The color is also associated with creativity
    1. There is so much creativity to be had with a landscaping company.
      1. We want to encourage creative thoughts because it will help us create a beautiful landscape for you.
        1. Not only will it help us achieve a pretty landscape, creativity will help give us a clear idea if you have some new thoughts for your property.
  4. It’s unique!
    1. Admit it, the purple is a one of a kind brand color you can instantly recognize.
      1. It creates a friendly atmosphere because it is not a harsh color.
        1. Neighbors feel confident walking up to our crew members because the purple color instantly makes them feel welcome!
  5. It doesn’t just stop with the t-shirts and logo.
    1. We have a top secret plan how to begin taking over with our purple brand!


Written by:

Melanie Hartsell




21 Aug 2017

Your Budget Should Always Be Discussed

We are here to assist you in getting the most out of your budget.

“What does your budget look like”?

Believe it or not, this question should be discussed. Even if it feels awkward to discuss a budget, it needs to be done.

Why should my budget be discussed?

  • Because landscaping projects vary in size tremendously.
    • In order for us to provide the best valued quote, we need honest information for you about how much you would like to spend.
      • If you don’t know what the project usually prices out at we can give you a range.
      • Each of our clients are vastly different, some enjoy putting money into their landscape oasis – where as others just want a low maintenance, easy breezy property with “no-frills”
  • Because It begins with communication.
    • Since we are not mind readers, we don’t know what your landscape goals are unless you tell us!
      • It is critical that from the time you meet with us at your property you begin to tell us what your needs are!
        • For example, here are some questions to think about: How many plants would you like installed, how much would you like to spend on plant installation, do you need hardscaping, if so, what do you want to keep the price around? Do you only want the front of the house landscaped instead of front and back, do you want low maintenance plants, do you want a full 3 inches of mulch or just a topdressing? Do you want a instant curb appeal or want to take on the project into bite size pieces overtime?
  • Because we want to make this as hassle-free as possible.
    • Imagine if you went into a process and had a $5,000 budget but a $15,000 expectation.
      • It would create unnecessary aggravation and plenty of confusion.
        • We don’t want you to get your hopes up and then be disappointed if the final completion is not what you expected. If you let us know your upfront budget, we can tell you if it’s realistic of not right away.
  • Because we are here to help you.
    • We talk openly about your budget early on to get a feel for what is a priority in your yard and what is not.
      • Of course we can make your landscape into a magical garden wonderland, but we understand not everybody wants that or needs that.
        • At Jamison Lawn Care we want everyone in Bucks County, Pennsylvania to get the best bang for their buck!
          • We are here to achieve that!


05 Aug 2017

Landscaping in August in Jamison PA

What can I do to my landscape in August? Great question!

You can stay busy landscaping in August that is for sure. Especially in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Here is what you can do to your landscape in August

Landscape in August


  • Prepare for fall clean-up in your landscape
    • Get a plan in place.
      • Whether it is gathering the family together for a fall clean-up event or hiring a landscaper. The leaves will be falling before we know it.
  • Install last minute plants
    • If the weather isn’t too blazing hot you can plant the trees, shrubs or perennials that you wanted.
    • Be sure to check the soil frequently so that the newly planted item doesn’t dry out!
      • Also it is a good idea to check the soil’s pH before
        • Get the soil tested to be sure that the newly installed plants will have the right soil to thrive in.
  • Touch up old mulch.
    • The mulch that you installed in early spring may be starting to fade
      • Simply add a layer of fresh mulch on top
        • This will make your landscape look in tip top shape and also prevent weeds.
  • Deadhead and cut back old foliage
    • If your plants bloomed in the spring it is probably time to cut back the dying foliage
      • This will make the property look crisp and clean and encourage healthy plant growth for the following year!
  • Hand weed
    • If the soil is moist that is the best time to weed. The weeds will pull out much easier if wet than dry.
  • Dump any standing water
    • If you have old wheel barrows sitting around check them out
      • Make sure to remove all the water so that mosquitoes don’t start to breed.
  • Check out plants for health
    • See if the plant has any insect or disease damage
  • Got a compost pile?
    • Turn it!
  • Plant fall blooming flowers
    • Chrysanthemums are beautiful!
      • At our home in Jamison, PA we love the look of orange mums and a pumpkin by our front door

What is your favorite thing to do in your landscape during August? Let us know in the comments below!

Rent a Tractor

What Should I Look For In a Landscaper?


01 Jun 2017

What Should I Look For In a Landscaper?

Choosing The Best Landscaper


Picking a landscape contractor is no easy feat


You search endless pages of Google and Yelp to find the perfect fit. How do you narrow that down?


Choosing a landscape contractor is like choosing a realtor. There are so many to choose from, but you want to be certain that person will be the right fit. Here are some things to consider:


  1. Professionalism
    1. Does the contractor represent themselves in a professional manner? That includes their website, logo, equipment, and uniforms.
    2. I see so many landscape companies that don’t wear uniforms. Any other business will provide uniforms! This shows their pride in representing their brand.
    3. Do they contact you back in a timely manner and answer all your questions and concerns?
  2. Business Systems
    1. Creating systems is the hardest part of running a business.
    2. Does your prospect company have these systems in place? Such as scheduling, communications, and billing?
    3. How easy is it to pay for services? Do they only take cash? Or do they take credit card, check, or cash? What would be best for your situation? Do they bill by service, monthly, or weekly?
  3. Reviews
    1. Check all the review sites about your prospective contractor. Check the good and bad reviews. Most bad reviews are complaints that were not timely and accurately fixed. This gives you a good idea how the contractor will treat you!
  4. Completed Project Photos
    1. Does the contractor have photos of their completed work? Pay attention to small details, such as mulch overflowing onto sidewalks and missed cutting spots.


Those are just some of the things to consider when hiring your next landscape contractor. Are there other things that we missed? Comment below to help others out!


Tom Eckhardt



Jamison Lawn Care is located in Bucks County, PA. We serve Jamison, Warrington, Warminster, Ivyland, Southampton, and Furlong, Pa. These blogs are provided to better educate ourselves on landscape business.




27 May 2017

Should I Use Landscape Fabric?

Common Landscape Misconception

Landscape fabric has its place and time on your property.

One place it doesn’t belong is in your mulch beds!


Why do I say this!?


Let’s get into the theory of mulch first!


Mulch is made up of natural resources. Some mulches are shredded bark, pine tree needles, straw, and many other “wood” types. Note, there is rubber mulch available now, but do not give the same benefits as natural.

As this wood decomposes in your garden beds, it turns into beautiful, rich, dark black soil. This decomposed soil then amends your top soil and provides nutrients. Before it breaks down, it also retains moisture for plants, and prevents weeds.


So now that we now that natural mulch breaks down into soil, we can start talking about landscape fabric.


The main objective of landscape fabric is to prevent weeds. Which, quite frankly, does nothing if you properly mulch to a depth of 2″-3″. Proper mulch depth prevents the weed seeds from getting sunlight and germinating.


As we go back into the natural mulch, remember that it leaves a nice rich soil after it decomposes. This soil is now on top of the landscape fabric, with the natural mulch now decomposed. This provides an environment of sunlight and dampness necessary for weed seeds and turf to grow. Where does it grow? Right on top of that expensive landscape fabric that you so painstakingly put down. That renders the landscape fabric completely useless, after a few years.


Not only does the landscape fabric become useless, it also prevents proper moisture from entering your soil. Take this picture for example. This was on one of our client’s properties. Notice how dry and compacted the soil is.




There is a place and time for landscape fabric. For example, if you are using rock as “mulch”. When in natural mulched garden beds- the fabric must go!




Jamison Lawn Care is a proud provider of landscape and lawn care services in Jamison, PA, Warrington, PA, Warminster, PA, Furlong, PA, Hatboro, PA, and Southampton, PA. We provide these landscape educational blogs at no cost to better educate homeowners in Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA.




Tom Eckhardt

Owner, Jamison Lawn Care

16 Mar 2017

Why Doesn’t My Landscaper Show Up?

You’re not the only one. We hear this all the time in Bucks and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania


You hired a landscaper and you can’t wait to see the results! You went through the whole process of researching, evaluating, meeting, and finally picking a company to work on your precious property.

Then, they don’t show up!

Landscaping Is a Very Competitive Industry

We admit it, landscaping is a lucrative business that requires little capital. (or so we thought)

Anyone with a small push mower can enter this business and start advertising to the masses. They may do a great job, and they may not. Typically, these start up “companies” also charge so much less than reputable ones.

Reason number one why they don’t show up: they went out of business!

Landscaping is not cheap to run and operate. Yes, a couple hundred dollars of equipment will get you started. However, these beginners do not account for insurance, taxes, personnel cost, equipment cost and repair, accountant fees, postage cost, paper cost, gas cost, state registration fees, advertising, website cost and maintenance, printer ink cost, and the list goes on and on. The owners of Jamison Lawn Care learned this lesson when they invested over $40,000 in their first year. The reasons behind this will be a little later in this blog.

Back to reason one, the beginners simply do not charge enough. All their savings soon diminish  and they have to close up shop. Most likely, you’ll never hear from them again and you’re left wondering where they went!

Reason number two: they have problems within their company

It takes a lot to run a successful company. That also means there is a lot of room for errors. It may be under pricing, low efficiency, bad debt, employee issues, or any other of the million possibilities. A single issue within a company can take an tremendous toll on itself and it’s customers.  That also means that you, as a customer, come after fixing the company issues.

What Do You Do When They Don’t Show Up?


Image result for you're fired

A reputable company would have already contacted you about their absence and you wouldn’t be reading this. Simply put, fire your current company and hire a landscaper that will not put you through the stress that you have been through already. YOU, THE CUSTOMER, SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST! Learn from your mistakes, and apply that to hiring a new company.

The Jamison Promise:

  1. We will always be there when we say
    1. If there is an issue, you will get a call or email as soon as possible.
  2. We will show professionalism
    1. Custom uniforms, well trained employees, and well maintained equipment will be on your property.
  3. You are our number one priority!



Written by Tom, Owner




07 Mar 2017

Jamison Landscaper Supports Youth Baseball


Jamison Lawn Care Supports Warwick Youth Baseball

Image result for warwick pa baseball

America’s favorite past-time: hot dogs, cold drinks, warm weather, and cheering from the crowds.


It brings back great memories for me! The bonding with family, wearing your favorite team’s cap, and wearing your baseball glove all game just in case there is a foul ball hit towards you. I’m a little too old to play now, but I am happy to announce we donated to support Warwick baseball. Am I living vicariously by doing this? Probably! You’ll see me on the diamond supporting the team that happens to receive our donation.


I played baseball all throughout my youth, but unfortunately stopped too early! It was also through baseball that I realized that my vision was going and I needed glasses haha! Standing in the outfield, readying myself to perform the perfect catch when the ball was hit to me. That was hard, when home plate looked like I was looking through one of those privacy glass blocks. But boy, oh boy, when I got those fancy new spectacles, I could see blades of grass! I could see home plate! I could actually the little white ball flying towards me!


Some of most fond memories come from playing this awesome sport. It is an honor that I can give back to the community so that the youth of today can create those same fond stories that I hold dearly today.


So what about you? What great memories do you have from baseball or softball! Let us know so we can live a little vicariously through your stories too!


Tom, Owner


Images For > Baseball Field Backgrounds


24 Feb 2017

Jamison Lawn Care Joins National GreenCare for Troops Movement to Support Local Military Families

Jamison Lawn Care of Jamison, PA joins ranks with Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops program, a program designed to provide lawn care and landscape services to families of currently deployed military personnel as well as post 9/11 service-connected wounded/disabled veterans at no charge.

Jamison Lawn Care will participate with lawn care and landscape professionals from across the country that donate their services and time to ease the burden on military families or disabled and wounded veterans needing assistance with services.

“We’re proud to support the GreenCare for Troops program and lend a hand to help our local military families and veterans who already carry so much on their shoulders, the last thing they should be worrying about is fertilizing or mowing their lawn,” said Melanie of Jamison Lawn Care. “This is just one small way that we can say thank you for their dedication to country and military service.”

GreenCare for Troops was launched in 2007 and since its inception more than 10,000 military families and 4,000 lawn and landscape contractors have registered to receive or provide services.

“With more than 160,000 active-duty U.S. military personnel deployed in 150 countries across the globe, and significant numbers of wounded and disabled veterans, the need to support the families of those holding down the home front is significant,” says Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen.

Jamison Lawn Care urges interested military families and qualifying disabled veterans to register for participation in the GreenCare for Troops program online at or calling Ki Matsko at 888/611-2955 for additional information.

 About Project EverGreen

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Project EverGreen ( is a national nonprofit organization committed to informing the public about the positive effects of well-maintained green spaces, including lawns and landscapes, sports turf, golf courses, trees and parks. SnowCare for Troops is modeled after its successful sister program, GreenCare for Troops, which provides free lawn and landscape services to military families. Project EverGreen recently launched its Healthy Turf. Healthy Kids.™ initiative that revitalizes athletic fields so children have safer places to play.

Green Care for Troops Project Evergreen
23 Feb 2017

We spent HOW MUCH on a lawn mower?



Yes, we are purchased a new baby! The total price? $10,000… Yes ten thousand dollars for something that just cuts grass. BUT WHY?


  1. You deserve our best here in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Day in and day out, as a customer you should never settle for less and we are dedicated to providing that best. The best equipment means you get the best service through superior cut quality and efficiency. Speaking of efficiency…
  2. A higher efficiency means our costs actually go down. With saved labor costs by having a more efficient mower, we can provide even better value to our customers.
  3. We have a brand image to maintain. That includes what we look like on your property. Nobody wants a shirtless bum pushing a broken mower on their property for $50 a week. By having newer equipment and dress professionally, we look better, as do you for hiring us!
  4. So we can grow as a business. We truly appreciate how our customers back us throughout our success. With new equipment, we can expedite growth by being able to bid larger properties with more value and continue to satisfy our current contracts quickly.

Being the scrupulous business owners we are, Tom spent a good part of the winter watching and researching each mower available. As a landscape contractor, we are opened to a whole new world of manufacturers of mowers. Some include, but not limited to, John Deere, Scag, Wright, Hustler, Toro, Bobcat, Gravely, Kubota, Exmark. Now imagine about 20 different mower options per each. It took a lot of research!


Ok, Ok, tell us what the new mower is already!


Our new baby is a John Deere Z920M, with a 48 inch deck and mulch on demand. Ah, mulch on demand, let’s make a number 5 for why we purchased this.


  1. Mulch on Demand- That means the mower deck mulches the grass instead shoot it out the side discharge. Big deal, right!? Yes, it is! That lowers more time consuming tasks like leaf blowing the clippings off the pavement. As before, us saving time means better value for you!


John Deere Mower
02 Feb 2017

Homemade Weed Sprayer

Although chemical sprayers for weeds are convenient, they may be doing harm to your precious lawns.

Chemical sprayers may do deadly harm to your lawn, pets and family. It is a risk you should not be taking. Please be sure to always read the chemicals that are hiding in your bottle of weed killer. Do research on those chemicals. If you find any that make you second guess that weed killer, ask yourself: Am I willing to take this risk? If not, then try our natural weed killer! Homemade!

We encourage our customers to check out natural weed control. You can make your own at home, for cheap! No really, we are serious. Keep on reading curious one!


1/2 Gallon vinegar

1/2 Cup salt

2 Tablespoon dish soap

Pour salt into spray bottle. Then add vinegar over top. Lastly, top it off with dish soap and mix.

Spray in the morning and watch the weeds die!

There other homemade weed killer is, well, not really something you can make because it is something you already have. Your hands! Yes, that’s correct. Pulling weeds directly from the root are more powerful towards smaller weeds. After a rain day the weeds will be easier to yank out because of the more wet soil. We suggest that as soon as you spot the weeds, pull them, because this will prevent further germination from spreading. If you find that the weeds keep popping up, try digging them up at the root with a garden trowel. We are annoyed with weeds as much as you are. Your property won’t ever be 100% weedless but it will be pretty darn close if you tackle the weeds with persistence! Don’t let them germinate!

Please note this is only a couple ways to eliminate the weeds, Let us know how you get rid of those buggers! What do you suggest? We want to hear from you.