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Aerating loosens compacted soil and allows rain and nutrients better flow to turf roots. Soil must be damp to perform this service – if not, the aerating machine will simply just roll over the turf without doing anything. 


How do you tell if you need aerating? Take a screw driver and plunge into your soil. If it has any type of resistance, an aeration would be a good idea. 


What’s Involved?

  1. Mow turf to 2 1/2- 2 3/4 inches of height. This allows better penetration of the aerating machine “tines”.
  2. Mark all underground utilities, sprinkler heads, tree roots, etc.
  3. If turf is regularly aerated each year, we follow the typical mowing direction and aerate once.
  4. If soil is highly compacted, we aerate once at regular mowing direction, and then aerate again at a slight angle. This ensures the soil loosens.
  5. Clean up


Aeration is best to do in fall to reduce weeds and damage to the turf. It is also a great time to fertilize and over-seed! Your lawn will look absolutely stunning come spring. 


Request a quote for us to come to aerate your lawn. You’re going to love the results!