Lawn Care and Landscaping in Bucks County, PA
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Fertilizing is one of the four important aspects of lawn care. (The other three are aerating ,correct mowing and watering). Not only does fertilizing green up your lawn and feeds growth, it also performs a more important function – Controlling weeds! Thick, dense turf does not allow sunlight to reach weed seeds, thus preventing a majority of weed growth. 


How do you tell if you need fertilizing? The first thing we do is take a soil test and Penn State tests it for PH and nutrient levels.

What’s Involved?

  1. Send soil test to Penn State and wait for results. This test tells us PH and all nutrient levels. 
  2. We formulate a specialized fertilizing and weed control program – just for your lawn.
  3. We begin our program, trying to use as little pesticides as possible. (This is called Integrated Pest Management)
  4. If applicable, we will use organic and cultural practices (e.g. correct mowing and watering) to fix weeds and grow the turf. 
  5. Maintain accurate records and adjust program if needed. 


Request a quote for us to come to fertilize your lawn. You’re going to love the results!





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