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Sod and Seeding


Sod is the fastest way to get a lawn! Sod is seeded, grown, mowed, and fertilized on a farm. It is then harvested, usually in rolls, leaving a few inches of soil to hold the roots. 

Here is how we install sod:

  1. Remove all old turf
  2. Prepare dirt (seedbed) by tilling, grading, and raking. At this time, we may recommend adding and tilling organic amendments to your soil.
  3. Spread starter fertilizer
  4. Install sod
    1. Just like laying down floor, stagger the seams for better protection against drying out
    2. Start at a straight edge
    3. Cut sod to install around objects
  5. Water

Watering and care instructions will be provided to you!


Seeding is a more cost effective way of installing a lawn. There are many different types of turf and we will consult with you to find the best turf seed for your application.


Depending on if you are just seeding a part of your lawn or doing a complete renovation, installation steps may vary.

Here is how we seed lawns:

1.Prepare dirt (seedbed) by tilling, grading and raking. At this time, we may recommend adding in and tilling organic amendments to your soil.

2.Spread seed and fertilizer according to recommended rates

3. Cover seed with an organic mulch such as wood fiber pellets or straw. 


There is also a process called hydro-seeding. Instead of spreading the seed, fertilizer, and seed mulch separately, the ingredients are mixed in a hopper and installed using a pump and a hose. This increases chances of a more populated turf, but is more expensive.


If we seed or hydro-seed, it is recommended that we come back and over-seed the established lawn to fill in any gaps that may have grown.

We will provide watering and care instructions for you!