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Trimming Trees has numerous advantages. They look better, survive better, and the danger to your home is lessened.  It takes skill to trim trees, and we have first hand knowledge on how to safely and effectively do so. Please note, we only trim trees up to 20 feet tall. 



How do you tell if your trees need trimming? If they are close to your house, look very dense, or are too low hanging to the ground.

What’s Involved?

  1. Tree trimming crew makes assessment of potential dangers to wires and your home
  2. A plan is created to best tackle the trimming
  3. The “three cut” method is used to start trimming bottom of tree
  4. The “three cut” method is used to trim crossing branches, and dead branches
  5. The tree is shaped using hedge shears
  6. Load debris and clean up


Tree Trimming can be done whenever needed. However, it is best to do in the winter when the trees are in dormancy.


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